• khalifjama96

Solana down for 7 hours on Saturday - An ongoing problem in the crypto space?

After a release of a new NFT project mint on Saturday, Solana was down for 7 hours due to crash on the network.

The crash was a result of "an enormous amount of inbound transactions" according to developers which was fuelled by the new NFT mint having a fixed price for users. This allowed bots to swarm the network resulting in around 6 million new incoming transactions per second.

This is not the first time a crash has occurred, as Solana has suffered serious congestion issues over the past few months, most often due to unregulated bot activity.

This poses the question, as NFT purchases become more widespread, how can developers tackle having hugely disruptive outages during times of heavy activity on the network?

Developers are working on a new v.110 release, but could this just lead to more of the same? How best can new developers and projects scale up their networks to help mitigate issues such as those seen last Saturday?